We pride ourselves in beta testing these vegan and cruelty free products. Using the best quality products to ensure longevity and comfort.

Our therapists do their best to create a more nurturing and rejuvenating approach to the eye area as we truly do believe they are the windows to our souls.

Please inform our therapists at any stage if you have any discomfort or claustrophobia


We use a light long lasting high quality Vegan glue to ensure minimal irritation, fluffy, soft and long lasting lashes.

It is important to note that are to fill any gaps caused by the natural shedding of lashes. For best results we recommend refills being applied within 3 weeks of the original full set. Outside of 3 weeks a full set is recommended. The aim of refills is to ensure the health of your lashes. We clean & tidy up existing eyelash extensions, remove the lashes that are ready to fall out due to the natural growth cycle and remove any weak bonding lashes which are important as they can weaken and damage your lashes. Then we fix any obvious cavities between lashes & lash extensions. This is done to ensure that your natural lashes are not compromised and you maintain a healthy foundation of lashes.

*** We highly recommend our lash serum and shampoo to maintain those luscious lashes.


Allow our therapists to consult with your preference as we do consider ourselves colour specialists for brows and eyelashes. Having a wide variety of colours, high quality gentle products that are made for the most sensitive of eyes, a technique that creates minimal to no discomfort and leaving it on for the perfect curing time ensures longevity and a perfect colour match. Our clients love relaxing with their scalp or hand massages during lash tints


Get rid of your lash curler and have a lash lift. A gentle  procedure to have your lashes appear longer and fuller for 8-10 weeks. A great alternative to eyelash extensions. Our trained therapists use gentle solutions and techniques to maintain your comfort and health of your lashes. Just remember to keep them dry for 24 hours and we have beautiful mascaras and serum to care for your lash health. A salon favorite!


A completely plant based treatment supporting the health of your follicle. No chemicals or oxidants used in our technique and paste.  This includes the Henna brow and Precision waxing to help shape the brow. Henna can last on the skin for a week and brow hair for up to 6-8 weeks. Perfect for people whom tint just doesn’t seem to last and also it picks up a lot of the blond light hairs to create fuller beautiful brows. Consult with your therapist as we can completely colour match from blondes – black.  We Recommend to have this done 2-3 days prior an important occasion.

LASH EXTENSIONS REFILLS (Only within 3 Weeks)*Refills are for maintenance only

Full Classic 75mins
Looks like 1-2 coats of mascara. Consult with our specialist
$85 (50mins)
Hybrid Lashes 90mins
Combination of Classic and Volume application creating a wispy look. Compares to 2-4 coats of mascara. Consult with our specialist


$120 (60mins)
Full Volumes ETC 120 mins
Adds more VOLUME to your lashes ensuring they still feel light and fluffy. Can be tailored to look as natural as 3 coats of mascara or as dramatic as your lashes will allow (consult with your specialist). We create fans to suit your desired look yet always keeping our priority the health of your natural lashes.
$160 (70mins)
Lash Removal 25min
For your eyelash extensions to look optimum, it is important to keep natural lashes healthy as they are the foundation on which your extensions are built. In order to prevent bending and breaking, once the extensions grow out too far, we recommend removing them and applying a new set to protect your natural eyelashes. Or simply remove and rest if you don’t want them for a cycle.

Prepaid Package of 10

Brow & Lash Tinting 30mins



Lash Tinting 20mins



Brow Tinting 10 mins



Eyebrow Makeover
(Sculpt & Tint) 25mins


Lash Lift & Tint 45mins
Lash Lift 30mins
Henna Brow & Sculpt 40mins$65
Henna Brow Only 30min$50